Seniors 65 or older

Who qualifies for the Senior Shared ride program?
Anyone who is 65 or older and a resident of Bradford, Sullivan or Tioga Counties of Pennsylvania and is registered with BeST Transit qualifies to ride the Senior Shared ride program.

How to Register for BeST Transit Senior Service:
In order to use the door to door shared ride service for Seniors you must be registered with BeST Transit. To register with BeST Transit Download page one here. You may go to one of our offices and fill out the form or call us at 1-800-242-3484.

You will need to sign the Eligibility form and return it to BeST Transit with proof of your age.

Proof of Age
Photocopy any of the following for proof of age and send it along with your eligibility form to EMTA.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Drivers License
  • Pace Card
  • State ID
  • Armed Forces Discharge Papers
  • Passport or Naturalization Papers
  • Veterans Universal Access ID Card





It is BEST TRANSIT’s goal to provide reliable, safe and affordable transportation to ALL residents of Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga counties. In order to do so, it is important that our riders understand some basic policies for using the BEST TRANSIT bus.

On-time policy

– It is the goal of BEST TRANSIT to pick up passengers within on hour before or one hour after the scheduled time. It is the rider’s responsibility to be ready for the BEST TRANSIT bus during this time frame.

Wait policy

– When the BEST TRANSIT bus arrives to pick you up at your residence, the bus driver will wait a maximum of 5 minutes for the rider. If you are going to be late or need to change your trip time, please call BEST TRANSIT at 570.888.7330 or 1.800.242.3484 so we can notify the driver.

Cancellation policy

– Any passenger who needs to cancel their scheduled trip must notify BEST TRANSIT at least two hours before the trip. Failure to cancel your trip could result in the rider being charged the full fare for that trip. Please call BEST TRANSIT at 570.888.7330 or 1.800.242.3484 between 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM to cancel your trip.

Door to Door service

– BEST TRANSIT bus drivers can, and will, assist any rider who needs help entering or exiting the BEST TRANSIT bus. 

Entering homes or buildings

– The BEST TRANSIT bus driver is not permitted to enter any person’s home or place of residence. It is the responsibility of the rider to enter and exit their home or place of residence without assistance of the BEST TRANSIT bus driver.

Riding with an Escort

– Any person who uses the BEST TRANSIT bus service can have an escort ride with them for free. All escorts must get on and off the bus at the same time as the rider. You must tell BEST TRANSIT when you schedule your trip if you want to travel with an escort.

Package Policy

– All riders are permitted to carry packages and bags on the BEST TRANSIT bus. Bus drivers shall assist with putting bags on or off the bus only if the rider requests assistance. There is a limit of 3 bags that a rider can bring on the bus.

Accessible Access

– All riders that use mobility aid devices such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, etc. must have an accessible path from the door of your residence to the entrance of the bus while parked in your driveway. Wheelchair ramps must be clear of snow and other debris, driveways must be plowed and or salted to prevent ice and no driver is authorized to lift a manual wheelchair over more than 1 step. Under no circumstances will a driver push or lift an electric scooter. Drivers will not push wheelchairs through snow or through yards.