Fixed Route

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Who can the General Public Fixed Route?
The fixed route is open to the general public. Anyone can ride the fixed route. Children 5 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. Seniors with a transit ID card ride free.

 How to catch a Fixed-route Bus:
You can catch the Fixed-route Bus at any bus stop. The bus stops are listed on the schedules or flag the Fixed-route Bus down anywhere along the route where it is safe for the bus to stop. If you plan to flag the bus down, it's a good idea to give our dispatcher a call so we can alert the driver to look for you.

 If you are certified as disabled under the American with Disabilities Act, and live within ¾ mile off the route, you can request that the bus deviate to pick you up at your curb for twice the cost of the fare. Simply call our dispatcher to arrange for deviation.

Trip Planning Assistance
If you need help planning your trip give us a call. The BeST Transit staff is here to assist you. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Deviated Fixed Routes include Route 15 (Dushore/Towanda); Route 25 (Wyalusing/Wysox/Towanda) & Route 45 (Westfield/Lawrenceville/Wellsboro): DEVIATION: To make off-route arrangements within 1/4 mile off the established fixed route and for deviated fare costs please call BeST Transit's Dispatch Center at 1.800.242.3484.










Fares and Passes:
The fare you pay will be based on the number of zones you travel.

One Zone Fare


Two or more Zone Fare




Reduced fare tickets:

40-Ride Ticket-One Zone


40-Ride Ticket-Two or more Zones




10-Ride Ticket-One Zone


10-Ride Ticket-Two or more Zones


2978 S. Main Street Route 15
Mansfield Pa, 16933

27824 Route 220
Athens Pa, 18810



Bradford & Sullivan County Routes

Route 10: Wysox/Towanda/Valley (page1) (page2)
Route 15: Dushore/New Albany/Towanda
Route 20: Canton/Troy/Towanda
Route 25: Wyalusing/Wysox/Towanda
Lycoming Mall (Fridays Only): Valley/Towanda/Mall

Tioga County Routes

Route30: Wellsboro/Mansfield/Blossburg
Route 45: Wellsboro/Elkland/Westfield
Route 80: Mountie Express
Mall Runs: Lycoming/Arnot (Tioga)